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The heart is the key to all possibilities


Sarah's courses can help you to set a new vibrational state and connect deeply with your heart and inner refuge. Over 200,000 students worldwide have studied "This Deepest Self" and "Coming Home to Yourself."

With Sarah's insights and meditations, you can gain the skills to make meaningful connections with yourself and the world around you. 

Changing the Way We See


There's something generous offered to us when we face things that make us afraid, when we challenge the stories we hold as absolute. Your suffering will naturally move through its process if you allow it to express itself.

I love to teach people how to regulate your body and heart. To demonstrate to you how to remain joyful no matter what happens. My goal is to guide you through the sometimes turbulent waters of life to the heart that sustains you.

May we take small steps to dismantle our minds' walls. May we stand before the dark forest and look for what shimmers in its shadows. May we learn to look for goodness and beauty in hard places. May we root our feet into the ground, stop our escape, and lean into the silence gathering around us.

Together, may we learn keen sight.

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Sarah Blondin

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The first step towards living from the heart is accepting who you are, without judgment. It takes practice and self-compassion.

Join Sarah Blondin for two 60-minute recorded sessions where you will dive deep to the core of your being, detaching from your busy mind and tuning into your feeling heart.

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Sarah Blondin Living From The Heart Workshop

What People Are Saying


"This was one of the most special things I have ever been part of. You were born to create this magic Sarah, thank you for blessing us with it."


"This course and Sarah's Heart-Minded book, have taken me by the hand and guided me to the depth of places I was previously fearful of going. She has a gift of reuniting you with your heart. Thank you Sarah, it is such a blessing." 


"Every word spoke to my entire being and shifted my mindset from years of being closed to myself to now having a deep connection with my spirit. Thank you so much"


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