sarah blondin
sarah blondin
sarah blondin

Life is not fully lived, my beloved, until you have freed your heart from hiding.

Let the unveiling begin.

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sarah blondin
sarah blondin
sarah blondin book heart minded

“We suffer when we become separated from our deepest, truest nature. Heart Minded offers us guidance on the sacred journey home…helping us to awaken from our busy, never satisfied minds to the heartspace where love is always and already right here.”

—Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance


My book

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Barbara Techel

Sarah has a brilliantly beautiful gift for guiding others to the depth of their hearts in a gentle and graceful way. I remember the first time I came across one of her meditations. She moved me in a way no other meditation teacher has.

Her book Heart-Minded is truly out of this world! Eloquent and exquisite are the two words I think of when I think about her writing which is deep to the core. The meditations that accompany this fine body of work that has brought me to new depths, released many tears and helped me stand even stronger in the light of who I am

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Catherine Liggett

Truly, there are no words that do justice to the power of this book- and Sarah Blondin’s work in general- to penetrate to the very core of even the most defended among us. That quivering, tender center that existed before we had a name. The place that heals us from within, no matter what arises, because it can hold it all(...) I am an utterly different person since this book came into my life, and I’ve spent the last twenty years dedicated to personal growth and healing modalities. What Sarah offers here is nothing less than a divine gift. I am struck speechless in gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you

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Sarah, you have a gift and you are a gift. EVERYONE should read this book. Especially now. If everyone in our country who is fearful, angry, hateful, rioting, destroying, shooting, name calling, shaming, and blaming would read this, do the meditations, and learn how to feel and love themselves, our country would begin to heal.

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sarah blondin

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