I'm a storyteller, author, and meditation guide, who unceasingly ruminates on the complexities and nuances of life and the human heart.

Maybe my story can free you from yours.


Since my small eyes could open, I have been able to see worlds inside people —stories folding in on the body of a being, like heavy pages of a book. Dust, shadow, darkness layered on top of the light. I see truths untold and pain unnamed. Wounds that festered and formed hard scars.

Now wielding a pen, I pull out the stories of each of us. My secret world is very much the same as yours. What is hidden in me is hidden in you. Whatever I pull from my own tangled knots will free you from yours. Together we peel away the clay that has hardened us, and we are returned to each other, free and in joy at finally allowing ourselves to be seen.

We —together— unlock the stories that were never meant to stay frozen in you or me. The stories never meant to be kept alive so long in the dark corridors of ourselves.

We are not meant to be lost behind invisible things. We can not find the truth until we dare to admit we have been hidden. We do not have to be haunted, we can live an open and available life if we so choose.

"She decided after waking
from what felt like years of sleep,
that she would live forevermore
wide open
to all that came to be in front of her.
She decided that living awake
was a choice,
and in that moment she became free.
And in that moment
she chose to be the beam of light
that reaches toward all other life,
to be the beam that assists the earth
in breathing and loving
others awake."  


My Story

1982. Born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan to Julie and Normand.

1986. Now in Winnipeg. Always with the long intimate stares.

1988. I am the middle child, sandwiched between two of the kindest souls I've ever met, brothers (best friends) David and Stephen.

2000. I graduated from high school. If you would have told me then that I would become a writer I wouldn't have believed you.

2008. Graduated from college with a journalism major. I spent a few years attempting to be a television host.

2008. I met Derrick at a music festival in Whistler, and soon after moved to Vancouver to live with him.

2010. We fell deeply in love, and got married. He is my favorite person.

2013. Worked as a model and actress for a short stint.

2014. Fled the city life, and moved to the country where Leo was born. He kicked the door of my heart wide open.

2015. Found our dream property on a hillside with fruit trees.

2016. The challenges of motherhood forced incredible growth. Live Awake was created from that discomfort.

2016. My second child, Hugo is born safely in our home. Bliss is the best word to describe this time.

2016. Full is understatement. This was hard, and wondrous and illuminating.

The love hasn't stopped pouring in.

2018. Turns out our words and work, is meant to be shared. Courage and bravery are required.

Hugo, the weaver of light.

Leo, the tempestuous force of brilliance.

2019. my dream publishing house, helps create my book. I travel to Colorado to record the audio version.

2020. This was not easy, but my heart made me do it.

2021. I found where I want to spend my days. In these fields with these hearts.

2022. Everyday: writing, wandering, risking. Thank you for being here.