$40.00 USD

This Deepest Self

In this 10 day course, you will learn how to see and be with your life in a more conscious and compassionate way. Each day is meant to stand alone as its own contemplation and meditation. You will discover the strength of your loving awareness and use it to help you move through your varied experiences with more grace and acceptance.

When we look at our lives through the lens of spirit and heart, we take what is ordinary and spin wisdom. We create beauty and mastery. As we come to see our life and self as an unfolding masterpiece -and we the ones molding the clay- our path becomes less stony and hard.

We become malleable, attentive, reverent, and humble. We discover our Deepest Self.

What you'll get:

  • Lesson 1. The Wisdom of Loneliness

  • Lesson 2. The Wisdom of Anger

  • Lesson 3. The Wisdom of Fear & Anxiety

  • Lesson 4. The Wisdom of Pain

  • Lesson 5.  You are not your Habit Energy

  • Lesson 6. The Art of Letting Go
  • Lesson 7. The Art of Lifting up the Moment

  • Lesson 8. The Art of Embracing What Is

  • Lesson 9. Learning to Let Life In

  • Lesson 10. Course Recap + Conclusion

What People Are Saying:

This course is simply incredible. Thank you so much for the gifts that you share with this world. You help light the fire that burns away at the darkness. Your voice is such a warm blanket. I cried during almost every session with joy, gratitude and love for myself. Thank you Sarah for your blessings.


Sarah Blondin continues to be a spiritual tuning fork. As I listen, there is a certain harmony, alignment, and sense of peace that I want to experience over and over. Her insights are worthy of repeated listens.