$25.00 USD

Living From The Heart Workshop

The first step towards living from the heart is accepting who you are, without judgment. It takes practice and self-compassion.

This workshop will open your eyes to the fact that beauty is always knocking. We just need to learn to let it in. By living from the heart, you can begin to deepen your connection with yourself and others.

For an hour over two sessions, learn from Sarah how best to tune in and tend to the deep stillness that lives within.

What you'll get:

  • Detach from the busyness of their mind and tune into their heart
  • Accept and connect with their whole self
  • Find beauty in parts of themselves that they didn’t recognise
  • Practice self-compassion towards themselves and others in their life

This learning experience includes recordings of two live workshop sessions.

What People Are Saying:

Sarah is in a field of her own. Love her mix of compassion and the way she creatively tells stories to make deep complex understandings more accesible.


Thank you for this course Sarah, it’s amazing! I look forward to implementing the tools that were shared.