$25.00 USD

Making Your Life Sacred Workshop

In this workshop, Sarah delves into the concept of holding our lives with sacred hands. We explore the profound impact of approaching life with reverence and curiosity.

This workshop is an invitation to view life through a lens of wonder and awe, encouraging participants to reflect deeply on their relationship with their own existence. Are we disconnected or wrestling with life? Are we open or guarded? These questions form the basis of a transformative exploration.

What you'll get

  • A deeper understanding of how to view life as a sacred journey
  • Tools and techniques to cultivate a sense of wonder and awe in everyday life
  • Insights into ancient wisdom through the Tikunolam story and its application in contemporary contexts
  • Practical strategies for engaging more fully with life’s challenges and joys
  • Reflective exercises to assess and improve one’s relationship with life
  • A supportive community of fellow learners and guidance from an experienced mentor
  • Access to unique meditation and mindfulness practices tailored to enhancing life’s sacredness
  • Enhanced capacity to embrace and learn from both pain and joy
  • please note, this is a recording from a live online workshop.