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this deepest self

10 days of bite size wisdom to help you be with your life

10-day Course Details

What you'll learn:

In this 10 day course, you will learn how to see and be with your life in a more conscious and compassionate way. Each day is meant to stand alone as its own contemplation and meditation. You will discover the strength of your loving awareness and use it to help you move through your varied experiences with more grace and acceptance. When we look at our lives through the lens of spirit and heart, we take what is ordinary and spin wisdom. We create beauty and mastery. As we come to see our life and self as an unfolding masterpiece-and we the ones molding the clay- our path becomes less stony and hard. We become malleable, attentive, reverent, and humble. We discover our Deepest Self.

Lesson Three- The Wisdom of Fear + Anxiety

In this session, we will learn how to be with the experience of fear and anxiety. Our real growth begins staring directly in the eyes of what is ultimately our distrust in life. By doing this we create a sense of inner hospitality, while simultaneously becoming a different version of ourselves. Rather than being held captive by what is afraid and anxious in us, we learn to nurture these aspects of our humanness. We create the conditions for our life force to move again, we create flow and forward momentum in our most stuck and dark places.

Lesson Five- You are not your Habit Energy

In this session, we are going to learn how to be with the “imposter” living in our beings. We have each slipped innocently into an energy that is not authentic to who we are in truth. In this session, we will identify the sensations of our habit energy and learn to awaken to the true loving presence at our core. This session is really about learning to welcome and embrace our slow, soft and deliberate Self.

Lesson Seven- The Art of Lifting up the Moment


In this session, we are going to learn how to lift up the moment. Each moment should be left off better because it passed by us. This session is contemplation and practice meant to help us see the ways we withhold love and instead become the light that feeds all other life. We will make a vow through affirmation to move away from our judgments, inflexibilities, and hurt and breath goodness into whatever appears before us, re-entering the healthy flow of all life

Lesson Nine- Learning to Let Life In

In this session, we are going to learn how to let our life come all the way into our being. Because we are so used to overwork and reaching for some future goals, we often struggle with being fully present in our lives. We avoid slowing down into the moment because we too fear feeling the density of things-the grief, the stress, the overwhelm-so this practice is really about allowing ourselves the freedom to touch down fully in our lives. When we are fully open to the present moment, no matter what we are facing, we connect with our aliveness and find our source.   

Lesson Two- The Wisdom of Anger

In this session, we will learn how to be with the experience of anger. We will contemplate the origination of our anger and learn to bring love to this aspect of ourselves. We will learn how to sit within our hearts when anger arises, quickly disarming its reactive blow and align ourselves with the current of our heart and grace. We will learn how to radically forgive ourselves and others. We do not have to live in bondage with this feeling, when can explore a new, more kind way of living with this tendency.

Lesson Four- The Wisdom of Pain

In this session, we will learn how to be with the experience of our pain. No one is exempt from having to travel into the dark belly of their pain. This session is all about learning to welcome the wisdom of your pain, by carving space around it. You will kneel down and empty yourself of what is hurting within, speaking your pain free from you with the use of prayer. We do not erase the experience of pain, we learn to ride its current in a wise and conscious way.

Lesson Six- The Art of Letting Go

In this session, we are going to learn the art of letting go. There is a very deep habitual tendency in us to resist and control our lives, because of this we create great tides of suffering for ourselves. This practice is really about learning to stand with a sweet for of awe and surrender. We will contemplate the Self we wish to step into and learn to let go of constricting thoughts that bind us to our suffering.

Lesson Eight- The Art of Embracing What Is

In this session, we are going to learn how to embrace what is. We will be using the analogy of birth to help us contemplate the natural movement of life. In doing this we revive the spirit, awakening to the mysterious and beautiful current riding through and before us. We will practice letting go of our clinging and resisting, and allow our life to cascade without hindrance, letting go of our fear and letting ourselves be carried.

Lesson Ten- Course Recap + Conclusion

In this session, we are going to close this course with a meditation to send us off on the right foot. Our lives are meant to be felt deeply. Our experiences of pain and suffering can be used to bring us home. When we turn toward ourselves with great love and care, we learn to trust the light beckoning for us to open and bloom. We will discover to trust that we have everything we need inside of us and that we are capable to face every part of our lives with open and loving arms.

Day One- The Wisdom of Loneliness

In this session, we will learn how to be with the experience of loneliness. We will go directly into the center of our feelings of isolation and find the thread tying us to all life, finding we are never truly alone. In approaching ourselves in this way, we will find we are brought into our own loving embrace, helping us move with more peace and ease whenever loneliness comes knocking on our door. 

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