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Coming home to yourself

Becoming intimate with mind, body and spirit.

10-day Course

What you'll learn:

Over the next 10 days, you will learn how to re-enter your being. You will tend lovingly to your body, mind, heart and spirit. Learning to let go of fear and trepidation, around exploring your inner worlds. Travelling finally into the belly of our Wisest most empowered Self and setting in motion a mighty unfolding and opening to what is alive on the inside

Lesson One

In this session, we will learn how to choose our highest vision of self. We will agree to actively step into our tender centers, so connect with the life that lives within us. We are going to commit to the process of stepping toward our inner worlds by making a declaration and oath to coming home to ourselves, and waking out compassionate hearts.  

Lesson Three

In this session we will learn how to quiet the mind, and disarm the body, working to open to a more trusting self and vibration. On our last session, we endeavored to meet our more grounded and true self living in our depths. So now that we have touched down within, we are going to learn how to soften our walls, and allow ourselves to be held by the earth. When we feel supported, we wake our trust in life and feel safe to explore who we really are. We will remember life is kind, and paint an image of a self who truly believes- life is in their favor.

Lesson Five

In this session we are going to now learn to step into and awaken our hearts, giving it permission to come out from hiding and protection. In our last session we made a healthy alliance with our minds, so now we touch into our most magnificent hearts. We are working to become intimate with places we often neglect and ignore, this will help bring sensitivity and vitality to what we may feel disconnected from and numb to at times. You are molding and shaping each aspect of your being with mastery. You are creating carefully and consciously, a stronger more purposeful connection with the fabric of you. 

Lesson Seven


In this session, we are going to learn how to enter our inner stillness and silence. We have pulled our mind, body, heart, and feelings into the open and now we must allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the simplicity of our being. We will do this by entering into and exploring the potential of our inner solitude and stillness and listening for spirit.

Lesson Nine

In this session, we are going to learn how to step entirely into the home and being that is you. Each day’s lessons have brought us to this moment of being able to more fully inhabit ourselves. We will be connecting again with our bodies and creating an image of our highest, most empowered, and aligned in Body, Mind, Spirit and Self. This image you can hold close to you as you move forward, using it as a loving reference point for whenever feeling lost or disconnected. You are here in this body, you are home.

Lesson Two

In this session, we will learn how to move through the noise and static that has caused us to feel disconnected from ourselves in the first place. In order to come home to ourselves, we must first penetrate the sometimes dense shield of our self-protection and distraction. Past this border, is another life and self living within us-and we will learn through the use of visualization, how to meet our most grounded and rooted self.

Lesson Four

In this session we will learn how to come into a more harmonious and conscious relationship with our minds, so to train and harness its powers so it working for us, rather than against. By doing this, we uncover and connect with our ability to create and instigate healthier relationships with our body, mind and spirit. Our last lesson helped us see and feel a more trusting self, so now we work to bring our entire being into alignment and alliance with our pursuit of self discovery and exploration. We will make a conscious pact with our mind, and set it on a loving task to bring us more of reality and joy we long for.

Lesson Six

In this session, we are going to learn to come more fully awake in our feeling bodies. Since the beginning of this course, we have touched on the mind, body, and heart, so now we will be waking our feeling capacities and developing an open and receptive relationship with our feelings and emotions. Touching down into our homes and bodies ignites many hidden or forgotten feelings and emotions living within us. So in this lesson, we will accept and welcome the things living within us, that need tender attention and love. Instead of escaping, numbing, and avoiding, we learn to free what may be keeping us from living in our bodies. It is in the act of acceptance, we break free from our restrictive states into a more encompassing and brilliant self.

Lesson Eight

In this session, we are going to learn how to go deeper into our inner stillness. We will be using visualization and mindfulness to help us become empty and free of internal clutter, propelling us into a deep place of calm and acceptance of the mystery. In doing this we revive the spirit and step blindly, yet openly into new territories of self-discovery and awakening. In order to discover new lands, we must agree to not know and release control, which is what we will explore in today’s lesson.

Lesson Ten

In this session, we are going to learn some practical practices to help as you continue on your journey of being home in yourself. In bringing this course to a close, we will explore subtle changes that you can introduce into your daily life and routine, so to continue the momentum as you move forward on your own. To remain home in yourself, you must continually refresh and revisit and flush away things that may cause you to want to abandon yourself. This last lesson will give you a toolkit of inspiration, so you can remain whole as you move through life.

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